Up and running

Yeah, I’m here! I completely forgot about my posts which I kept all in draft and honestly I don’t think I’ll ever publish them; they’re now too old and out of date. From my last IM70.3 Miami to my dogs arriving to the US (8 months ago omg!)

Anyway, today’s Father’s day! Happy Father’s day to all of you! I don’t have mine with me anymore in this world but I have my amazing Pro father of my three kids, I love you.

We spent a great day today, did a lot of things one of which was…going to the pool together! It may not sound that fun but in did it was, really. The big boy is swimming around 1500mts in a row; the middle one was taking swimming lessons and today she showed us it was worth it; the little one is mastering her breath stroke; I could swim head to head with the Pro at 1:36 (w/paddles and fins) and…I finally learnt the FLIP TURN!!! Yes! Ha! It was one of those thing I had in my bucket list but never had tried before. 🙂

In the meantime, I already signed up for IM Miami again (3rd time) while I wait for my A race registration to open… {suspense sound effects in the background} 🙂


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