I had a theory, now I have two

A few months ago, just before the summer I decided to try to avoid the heat and go out for pretty early runs before dawn.

As some of you may already know, we’re living in a suburban community full of bike lanes everywhere: well marked and beautifully well maintained, clean and wide.

Then, at the sides of the curb there’s lawn, a sidewalk and then lawn and bushes, and behind the bushes lakes, or who knows: nothing, just swamp. Glup. This was once alligator land after all.

Ever since we moved here I wondered why there were so many runners running by the bike lanes -instead of the paths.

My firs theory was: paths are made of concrete, worst runners’ enemy. Where the bike lanes are made of asphalt, a little more friendly.

So, I go out for an early run on one of those days and then I run by a place I had run many times before but this time I realize this path that I’m on kind of gets far apart from the street and continues right next to the bushes -which are ‘separated’ from the path with a very thin wire… And I knew at that stage the was NOTHING on the other side: no houses, no lake, nothing. Just jungle/swamp I would say. And it was still dark, and I was a-l-o-n-e and for some reason there were no bikes or runners on sight, so I decided it was time to take the bike lanes (against traffic of course)

And I remembered a few news I heard/ read about gators found last year in this same road by the way and around the area. I also saw small snakes in the sidewalk a few times.

So this is my second theory: avoid unwanted local fauna encounter. Use the bike lane so you can prepare ahead of time if you have to run; I mean run run!

A few examples:



At a nearby golf course…


There’s another one.


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