Sony Sports Walkman NWZ-W273


After 8 months testing it I’m now able to give a verdict on my Sony Sports Walkman waterproof.

They’re water resistant and supposedly ‘Great for any activity’…mmm, we’ll see.






You wear them this way…



It took me somo time to figure it out how to to it at once (but it must be just me…)



They’re waterproof and wire-free. That’s a plus.

They come in four different colours: white, black, blue and pink; I love the pink one 🙂

As well as a teeny tiny wrists (if you read my Garmin Forerunner 910XT review you know…) I also have small ears… Oh! Wait, maybe that’s why my kids and the PRO say I’m deaf… I’m sorry, the reason why I’m telling you this is because it’s difficult for me to find earphones that don’t fall off.

You get earbuds in three different sizes, S, M, and L. So I took the smallest ones, although I recently switched to the medium size. The reason? They need to have a good seal while in the water, or some water could leak and it’s not serious but you literally can’t listen to any music.

It has a rubber band to adjust the cable to the back of your head. Having the cable touching my neck is kind of annoying; it’s a good idea to bend it upwards a little.



Good. I learned that the earbuds had to feel quite snug if I’m swimming. It they’re not fit firmly, you’ll know when you lose them pushing off the wall. 

I still struggle finding the right placement of all the gear: cup + googles + walkman… Too much technology…I guess Jonny Weissmuller didn’t have to deal with these issues…

Nevertheless, I enjoy wearing them and the pool laps appear to be much shorter 😉



I didn’t think they would work, but they kind of did.

I like the fact that there’s no cable hanging around me. Again, they have to feel well fitted in your ears. Anyway, after 30′ running in moderate temperature they started to feel loose and I had to push them in constantly.

I don’t like them for running.



You’ll find different very small buttons to control your music. If you’re short-sighted, I hope you have good memorization techniques.

Here we go:

First, put them on. There’ no flushing light to know if they’re on of off, but you can hear a sound when you’re wearing them.

Heart shape

I like to remember to take them in the ‘heart’ shape, with the earbuds facing me.

On/off - lock


Using your right hand, you hold the ON/OFF until you hear a beep, to turn it on. You use the ‘lock’ when you through them in your bag, so they don’t turn on accidentally.


sony-11 en


On the bottom side you have two little buttons: PLAY/PAUSE (with a raised dot) and Previous/Next song button. All right-handed oriented

On the back you find a small light that shows the battery status: green, yellow or red; being green ‘full charge’ and red ‘low battery’.




Now, with the left hand you control the volume. Again, this time the volume + has the ‘raised dot’ as you might see in the picture.

And you can also choose to shuffle songs or to play a playlist…well that’s if you don’t use Mac as I do. I can not upload the playlists with the drag & drop method. **

The sound is good and the volume enough for the pool. Remember to dry the earbuds after you get out of the water!

The battery lasts a lot..! Not sure how many hours; this is what sony says about it:

USB-based charging time
Approx. 1.5 hours
Quick charge
Approx. 3 minutes charge enables up to approx. 60 minutes playback.
The battery is recharged with a usb cradle:


The cradle has a sticker that you might as well leave it where it is as it reminds you how to attach your walkman.



That’s because the contacts are in only one side:



When the red lamp goes off, that means it’s fully charged.



It appears as a HD in a Mac (so remember to eject before you disconnect the usb cable from the computer)


Transfering music


Just drag & drop the music from iTunes or Finder to the ‘Music’ folder inside the “WALKMAN’ HD.



Using Sony ‘Media Go’ software.



Nice product. I was surprised. Good multi sport solution.

Very good for the pool.



No phone pairing.

Sweating when running makes them loose and the rubber band on the back in uncomfortable when running.


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