Up and running

June 19, 2016

Yeah, I’m here! I completely forgot about my posts which I kept all in draft and honestly I don’t think I’ll ever publish them; they’re now too old and…

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Anxiety is killing me

October 23, 2015

I really want to race this weekend and I’ve been curiously calm these past days until…TODAY! Aaaaaahhhh! To cope with it I’m been doing some research and found lots…

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50% Quota

October 2, 2015

T.G. It’s cloudy! Uuuf! I went out this morning thankful it was cloudy and somewhat guilty because I wouldn’t be home to drop The Artist at the bus stop…

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July 30, 2015

wow, I just realized how abandoned I had this blog. A lot have passed since my last post. First of all I did not race Honu; long story short…

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My week in numbers

May 17, 2015

1 broken pinky toe; 280 the times I swore about my pinky toe; 1000 mts the longer I can swim with the tape still attached to my foot; 0…

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