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Sometimes it happens: your Garmin lost gps signal, you had to stop for some reason or maybe your Garmin disconnected repeatedly from your trainer…(my case šŸ˜”) and you end up having two or three activities instad of just one. And then, training Peaks thinks you didn’t do the job, and you need to promediate power, speed, tss, etc

But I just found an easy way to solve that, with the help of a webpage here, and it’s free.


From Garmin Connect, inside one of the activities that need to be merged, choose ‘export to TCX’. A file will be then downloaded to your computer. Do the same process with the rest of the files.

export to tcx





Once all the TCX files are downloaded, from the feb.net page choose ‘select files’ and upload them. Then click on ‘merge’. A new fie will be downsides tu your computer. (it will be namedĀ something ‘-final.tcx’)


feub-page select files


Now you need to upload that final file to Garmin Connect. Simply go to your dashboard and click on the cloud (upper-right corner).


upload activity


Now you have only one activity, with all theĀ information from the separate activities you had before. Don’t forget to delete those.


These were my separate three activities:



And then the merged version:




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