Ironman 70.3 Miami 2016 a lot to learn from

IM 70.3 Miami 2016


And this was my fourth 70.3. I’m happy with it, but I could summarize it as a good bike and fairly good run that made up for a horrible, horrible swim.

Swim: 1:08 Wait. Say What?!

As a matter of fact, the Pro just confirmed that my time was 1:08:59… So it was even worst:  1:09 😩😩😩😩😩

Yes, that is the awful truth. I was in the 4th wave after the pros, and as always I had several men groups that would start after me.



Swim start


One very good good thing: this was the first time I didn’t freak out in the start; I usually need to do a few breath strokes to catch my breath and then I go back to my freestyle. I didn’t need to do that this time 🙂

I felt it took me more time than usual to get to the first buoy, and it obviously did because the following wave caught me not far after it. On my way to the second buoy I was grabbed and hit, I kicked harder but I felt the need to stop one sec and let them go. This was my worst mistake. And I did it many many more times…I didn’t feel scared or freaked out I was just so mad at them!

{This reminded me my MTB races, how the fist men in the waves catching me would avoid me (because the first one really know what they’re doing) but the problem was with the others just behind who wanted to follow those first ones but didn’t have the technique or the experience and could be a real danger to the rest of us. This swim was the same!!! The very first ones in the waves weren’t the ones who grabbed me, the others behind were! I was so so mad I couldn’t help it. It may have been my PMS, all I know is that I didn’t perform as I was supposed to.}

And due to the fact I was loosing so much time with my stupid stops, more waves were catching me. The result was, from turn buoy #3 to the last one #4 it really was a washing machine. I sallowed salty water like never before. And while I was swimming I kept hoping this wouldn’t spoil my stomach in the bike.

IM 70.3 Miami 2016 Swim

Anyway…let’s move on, to the bike.

T1: 2:51


Bike: 2:55

I came out of the water and I realized my watch had stopped in the middle of the swim! Who knows, it may be the destiny not wanting me to know my swim time and spoil the rest of the race!

Now it all make sense! Ha! Once I jumped up my bike I felt my legs so tired, that it took me some time to feel comfortable with my pedaling. Hahaha! How it the earth wouldn’t I?! After more that an hour kicking, now I know why! 😂 (now I laugh, last night I cried, yes I did. Crying is my way to release my rage, and the Pro just just has to deal with  it 😬. I release the anger, and everything looks pretty again! 😁)

IM 70.3 Miami 2016 Swim


As always, I did ONE NEW THING ON RACE DAY…this time I bought a new straw for my torpedo. The old one was falling apart but it had a nice curve that let it it the perfect angle for me to sip. On the other hand, this new one was still fairly straight and when I wanted to sip I couldn’t reach it…! So I kept pulling it with my hand which made me go out from my aero position…

T2: 3:07


Run: 2:15

I knew my limitations so I started easy so my legs would hold to the end. Last time I gave up during the second loop and I walked the darn bridge. I had promised myself not to do it again, and I left my promise. I kind of ‘jogged’ it more than ‘ran’ it but I didn’t stop. I hate that bridge so much!

IM Miami 2016 run


Total time: 6:26

It’s something that I know can happen. Some races go smooth and well, and others don’t follow the plan. I need to learn to deal with it and apply that learning to the future ones.

IM Miami 2016 finish line


I was skimming through my finish line pictures to find the best one to post and guess what? I have this guy in ALL OF THEM…WTH?!

Have you ever been this photo bombed??? Is he glued to the mat or what?! 😱😂



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