Hard or Soft


Nop. It’s not what you’re thinking. I’m talking about bike cases.

So, for last race I packed -once more- my bike in my Thule case.


Thule 699 Thule 699 Bike Travel Case


We have two in fact: one for the Pro and one for me.

We’ve used them for multiple flights. Domestic and international.

We’ve packed our MTB bikes, road bikes and recently my TT Cervelo P3. Never had any issue. Bikes always travelled safely.

On the other side, it is heavy to carry, even though it has wheels and a handle. You also need to take apart the whole bike.


During this last trip to Miami, we saw multiple bike cases from Ezeiza to Miami Airport and at the hotel too.

What called my attention was how easily many of these competitors were carrying their cases while I was trying to show my ‘I’m not struggling at all with the weight’ face.


One that I liked a lot, was the SciCon bag.

After the IM our flight was cancelled and we stayed two more days in Miami.

Anyway, during those extra days we visited a bike store which only had one…And we took it. I’ve heard that it is the best soft bag out there.

This is it:





Scicon Triathlon Bag Review


What I liked the most:

1- it’s super light. Weights less than 9kg. And since it has 4 wheels it’s super easy to pull/push.

2- You don’t have to dismount the pedals, or the saddle or…have a sit first: the handle bars! YES!!! The only thing you have to dismount are the wheels. Not even the rear derailleur.

This makes you save time and a headache, too.


The bag comes with two straps, a short one to pull the bag and a long one to hang it on your shoulder! Yes, you can!





It came also with an aerobar protector, saddle protector and rear derailleur protector.



Please excuse me for the ‘surrounding mess’…


It has internal straps attached to the anti-shock frame, preventing its movement from side to side and they also helps the bag maintain its shape.

It also comes with two well padded internal pouches to store the wheels -one on each side of the bag. Also has a small pocket to put the skewers.


The idea is to have everything on sight; you don’t have a place for your gear, though (helmet, shoes, etc). What I did was putting my backpack with my gear in the space behind the fork.

A TSA approved lock, too

{Although…I had a little issue…I set my new combination, closed it but didn’t check it}

It is very secure…because it was impossible to open it again…not even by myself! OMG! Just before leaving the hotel, a nice guy from the valet parking brought some tool and when I came back from the bathroom the lock was already gone 🙂 I had a spare one that actually worked fine.


It was very easy to fit inside our car. We had rented a Pathfinder and …..we could easily fit two big Burton bags, the bike inside the Scicon bag and two carry on bags. And there was still some room. Very nice.




On the other side…

Even though the derailleur is in fact protected, the cable is not. I added extra protection there, to prevent it from being bent.

The other issue are the break levers. I found it may be a part that’s not that well protected and I also added more foaming.

When I got home and opened my bag, I found out that one of the levers had been rotated a little towards the inside. It obviously had some bump. It was nothing, since I just rotated it easily in place. Nevertheless, I know I will have to be more careful next time; maybe I will put more protection or even unscrew and bent the whole aerobar downwards.


Anyway, I think the bag is great -it is not cheap at all and I saw A LOT of people with this bag. Of course, I think that a hard case will give you the best protection but you will never have the light weight advantage.


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