Garmin Forerunner 910XT – Quick Review

Garmin Forerunner 910XT

After many years of Polar watches I ended in Garmin. Fist one I had was the forerunner Garmin Forerunner 610, which I didn’t really like since -mine- didn’t work well enough.

Right after that one I bought the forerunner Garmin Forerunner 910XT: which I love!

Garmin Forerunner 910XT



First of all, it picks gps signal very quickly and never fails at doing it.

The huge screen makes it very easy to read. You can have up to 4 data fields in one page and still see the data clearly.

Big screen



Even though I have a teeny tiny wrist, the wrist band adjust perfectly to it and it is very comfortable, too.

3-IMG_0404 4-IMG_0405





I replaced the default black wristband with a green one.

The watch pairs with a Garmin foot pod  -which still accounts for your cadence and speed while you’re somewhere it can’t get gps signal, like a tunnel- Garmin HR monitor and with my bike speed/cadence sensor, too.

Garmin Foot Pod



It is to be used in the three disciplines: running, biking and swimming.

You switch from sport to sport simply by pressing the “MODE” button and selecting with the “ENTER” button.

Really simple.









This is the sport I’ve used it the most so far.

The functions I like the most are:


– The screen size (so you know and I don’t wear glasses)

– Auto stop

– Auto lap


I usually use only two pages.





In the first one -and the one I leave it at almost all times- I have the distance, pace and time

In the second one, the HR frequency, average pace in the last lap and the average overall pace.

Oh! And I do use a third one: just the time of the day. This way I can wear it as a regular watch.




There’s a ‘Virtual Partner’ function. You can ‘compete’ with a it, after setting a pace or speed for that virtual partner. I can’t say much about it because I never used it.




I personally prefer the Garmin Edge 800. Actually, today (JULY-2014) I’m using the Edge 510.

But when mine ran out of battery or I don’t want to go upstairs to grab it I use the 910XT. I have it paired already with my bike’s sensors so I use either of them.




Just like in running mode, you can choose how many pages to leave on and how many data fields to show in each page.




Why I prefer the Edge 800 when riding my bike? Because it has a bigger screen, it has touch screen, and your can follow a route easily watching a course on a map.

But the Forerunner 910 XT works well and while in a triathlon I would use just one device!




Swimming is the sport in which I use it the least, because I’m a new swimmer.

When you set the watch to ‘swimming’ you have two options: open water and pool; and you can choose among different pool sizes.




I’ve only used it in the pool so far.

It works perfectly for the PRO -he has the 910XT too-

But with me…not always. For example: when you change style in the middle of the lap, it probably adds you an extra lap. And since I’m not a great swimmer like the PRO, even if I swim straight forward without changing my swimming style, I get extra laps from time to time…


I guess when I improve my strokes it will measure them accurately.


TRI function:

There’s a función  for triathlon. I haven’t used it yet but all you have to do is program the watch in ‘multisport’, you lap in the transitions and it does the job automatically.





I really like it. It gets updated from time to time with more and more functions.

Each Garmin device has its own uploading mode.


The Forerunner 910XT pairs with the computer through the USB ant.




You only need to have the Garmin ANT Agent app intalled in your computer and the Garmin Connect account configured. This way, each time you connect your watch to the computer, this app uploads your activities to Garmin Connect automatically in a few seconds.


The Edge 800 pairs through a USB cable.





I can check all my activities uploaded from all my garmin devices. I can also upload them manually.

There’re displayed as a list or in a calendar.

17-Garmin-connect 18-Garmin-connect-Calendar




In the ‘list’ view you can select up to four activities and compare them.




In the ‘calendar’ view you can select a sport and see partial distances by week, month or year.

You can also schedule activities and create workouts. This can also be done from the unit itself.

Then the 910XT beeps every time you should start a new stage in your workout and you can concentrate in what you’re doing and don’t need to look at your watch at all.


In the main page -dashboard- you can see your PRs and connections. You can leave your activities open to the public or set them private.

There are lots of training plans too to choose from and synch them with your calendar.



My Conclusions.

Today I own three different Garmin devices; the Forerunner 910XT is the one I use the most. And I could only use this one.

I love it and it’s easy to use even it I wouldn’t have owned a Garmin watch before.



This is my own opinion, based on my personal use. I’m not being paid to do reviews. Every product I review is mine because I bought it. I publish these opinions because I think someone else can find it useful, and because I enjoy doing it 🙂


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