Perfect team: Garmin Fenix 3 & Apple Watch 2

Being a parent, I don’t want to be left behind in terms of technology. I’ve got to keep up (I’m already behind with snapchat which honestly don’t understand, but let’s hope it all stops there…)

In an effort to stop that unavoidable process, a couple of days ago I said to myself: today I’m going out for a run, with my music and I WON’T take my phone with me (or iPod), what about that?

Yeah I know, the Pro already does it but honestly I had no idea didn’t have time to deal with the apple watch charginig/ pairing/ syncing thing and I only wore it to tell me the time. Ridiculous, right?

But I must admit it, once I focus on doing something I need to get it done. If for whatever reason I can’t, I go nuts.


This is what I had to accomplish:

A) Transfer my playlist from my iPhone to my apple watch;

B) Pair my PowerBeats wireless with my apple watch;

C) Have my playlist played in my headphones not my iPhone.

D) Once accomplished B) have my playlist continue playing in my headphones once I waked away from my iPhone. That’s what got me crazy, because I didn’t know how to forking do it (the ‘forking’ comes from last night new tv show The Good Place: hilarious!!! I wonder how all my spanish swearing would sound in The Good Place… that’s if I ever get there lol), anyway…

I even had the Pro on the phone trying to help me while dealing with my impatience until he finally had me do it.

And everything was then working smoothly. Music playing and sound coming from the earphones even when I came out of the house.


So, I guess I just found the perfect team! Garmin Fenix 3 + apple watch + Powerbeats wireless

And yes, I’m wearing two watches (which is much better that having to carry my phone with me, to tell you the truth)



And just in case someone wonders how I did it (for dummies), there you go:


1- Transferring playlist to apple watch:

The apple watch has to be changing in the dock.

From the Watch app in the iPhone >Music > Synced Music > choose playlist




2- Pairing my PowerBeats wireless with apple watch.

From apple watch > settings > bluetooth > choose PowerBeats wireless headphones; they just pair, no need to enter any code to anything else. Now it says ‘connected’.


3- In the apple watch menu go to > Music > ‘swipe’ down (or ‘force touch’) and choose watch as the source.

Yeay! you’re done with phase 1.


Phase 2: how to measure my run?

In my particular case (the Pro doesn’t agree much) I don’t think I will ever replace my Garmin Fenix 3 with the apple watch.

The reason is that my Fenix offers me every thing and then some. From the basics to the running dynamics and in addition to that I have my Garmin Connect account linked to Strava and Training Peaks from where I follow my training plans. But, if I had to travel for a few days I would definitely take only my apple watch with me for simplicity.

Wearing two watches, was kind of uncommon but also helpful to compare the two during the same run. I dint wear the HR band (I forgot it) and I was pretty surprised of how accurate it was, if you take into account the fact that apple watch 1 does not come with GPS, it uses an internal accelerometer to estimate the distance.

While my Garmin Fenix 3 measured 9.46 km, the apple watch estimated I ran 10 km. Not bad.

As soon as my new Apple watch 2 arrives home, which has gps capability, we’ll see how better it performs.


But if you don’t like the idea of wearing two watches, the apple watch built-in run app is a great choice.




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