Anxiety is killing me

I really want to race this weekend and I’ve been curiously calm these past days until…TODAY! Aaaaaahhhh!

To cope with it I’m been doing some research and found lots of information. And according to this article these are the 9 way to reduce it:


1- Take a deep breath.

I’ve been over-ventilating these last two days. Then I set everything aside and ready to be thrown in the bag and felt more relaxed. For the rest of the day. Today I went to the expo and picked up my kit. Now I’m anxious again. So I’m now writing. Deep breath.


2- Accept that you’re anxious.

Yes of course! I just did!


3- Realize that your brain is playing tricks on you.

Nono,…really? Will they mean -as an example- imagining that someone kicks my goggles and they sink in the middle of the ocean; or maybe having a flat more than twice so I can not fix it again…or even having to rush to the porta-potty in the middle of the run or ever worst, the bike??? No, I don’t have those thoughts.


4- Question those thoughts.

Mmmm…Is this really likely to happen? Maybe. Maybe not. No, I don’t think it will. Of course it won’t, that’s crazy! Ok I’m convinced now.


5- Use a calming visualization.

I use visualisation A LOT. Now the ‘calming’ …mmm not so sure.


6- Be an observer — without judgment.

I does not apply. Definitely.


7- Use positive self-talk.

This one does. Come on! You can do it! Why in the world did I sign up for this??? Oh yes, I need to get this done! The sooner the better!!!


8- Focus on right now.

Right now I feel awful, but I need to look great in the pictures! Let’s get those knees up so it looks like I’m actually running!


9- Focus on meaningful activities.

I totally agree. Let’s focus on getting busy with our everyday activities, and don’t leave room to being anxious!

I’m trying.


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