16 weeks to IM Texas

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Wooow! I’m already in the middle of the ironman training, time is passing way too fast!

First of all, Happy New Year!!!


I’m following Dave Scott training plan which I got from Training Peaks and even though I found it kind of boring at the beginning I’m really enjoying it right now. It has a total of 24 weeks of training, 4 or 5 of which were sort of a building phase (that which I found boring at the beginning, since I was already putting some volume); and then comes the big volume and the more dynamic workouts, which is where I am right now. So, so far so good.


I finished last week with a 24k long run (15 mi) feeling good. I hadn’t run that long since my NYC Marathon training. And along with the long runs the ice baths came back!!!



I missed a swim because it was cold in Florida (only that day) and I didn’t want to get a cold when I jumped out of the water.


My training this week:

Swim: 5,000 m

15mi,Bike: 163 km (101 mi)

Running: 48 km (30 mi)

Total time: 12:50 hr

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