10 weeks to IM Texas

long run




For some April may seem like an eternity, but for me it’s just around the corner.

And by the way I can say that I’m finally feeling I’m getting strong like I haven’t for a long time…say since Puerto Rico.

So far, my longest long run was 16 mi (26 km). I know I’m not Bolt but I feel confident. I managed to do my long aerobic runs in the warm Florida 85-90s F at the same pace (6:00/km) I used to do them in Buenos Aires 60s F, so I’m pretty impressed how the body adjusts over time.


My longest ride was this last weekend, 4hrs which went by like nothing. I’m also happy to see how my average power has been going up.


4 hrs long ride


And my swimming has been improving for the last 6 months -although I couldn’t show it off in Miami… Grrrr. Anyway, now I’m swimming mostly under 2:00/ 100m which for me is a big improvement since my 2:20/ 2:30 last year. And I did something else that is helping me improve even more. After many years of having different models of Go Pro, just now I realized it’s a wonderful tool to analyze my swimming technique and I managed to do it without assistance. ;0

I took the idea from DC rainmaker, it’s pretty simple: an adhesive mount attached to a rock or, in my case, a brick. (How didn’t I think of that?)


pool 1st gopro snap
Anyway, it was a great way to actually see what I’m doing wrong. As a matter of fact I did know my pull wasn’t really effective because my hands -the left one in particular- opens to the side and my elbows drops a little, but actually seeing it made all the difference. Because now I know exactly how bad I do it and I’m able to correct that. I’ll post some video and photos in another post showing my before and after.

Another new thing is my new Roka wetsuit that promises to make me an awesome super fast swimmer! Haha!

The TYR freak of nature never fit me well, it’s too big and I felt that over the 2.4 mi course I might just sink to the bottom of the lake. So I got s new one the Maverick X, which I tested this week on the pool. They give you a 30-day trial so that’s what I did.

I had planned to go to the pool early but I ended up going around noon, it was already pretty warm. So, I had three options to put it on;

1- by the side of the pool. As I said it was too warm, and I thought it would give me a hard time.

2- inside the lockers room; same scenario

3- at home: in the ideal air conditioning atmosphere. This was my choice lol
So I drove 10′ to the club. The upscale club where all the ladies wear their uniforms of long tights for the gym or nice impeccable tennis outfits for the court. And there was me: showing off my waist-height pulled wetsuit and flip flops…lol sooooo funny! Too bad I forgot to take a selfie! 🙁

I really like my new Roka. It has different thicknesses along the body and very thin at the shoulders area with zero restriction.

I swam 1,000 mts in 1:43/ 100m when one week before I had swam 1,500 mts in 1:57 without wetsuit. Yeap, it did make that difference. What lead me to think of the following….

Ironman Texas was held in May in 2016, it was too hot. The swim was not wetsuit legal but the water temperature was around ……. which gave the athletes the option to wear it but starting after all the rolling start.

So, as I’m not Phelps, during a rolling start I would be placing myself somewhere between the middle and the end. Now, how much time ahead would I be swimming from the people in wetsuits? How much time would I gain wearing a wetsuit (aside from the fact that wetsuit equals now only the peace of mind of having extra buoyancy but also arriving less tired to T1) If the time difference is not that big or maybe it’s just about the same, then I will definitely wear it if I have the chance.

There’s a strong possibility, since this year the race will be in April.


My training this last week:

Run: 19 mi (31k)

Bike: 143 mi (230k)

Swim: 8,000 mts

Total time: 13:37 hrs



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